Dealing with Animals in Your Garden

Dealing with Animals in Your Garden

When you think of gardening you think of lush green plants, fresh vegetables you can pick anytime and the joys of watching something you planted grow.  What they don’t tell you about are the animals that get into your garden and try and eat everything in sight.  Dealing with animals in your garden is the less pleasant part of gardening.  It isn’t just wild animals you have to worry about your neighbor’s cat can be a pest too.  Here are some ways of controlling the pests.

Dogs and Cats

Dogs will dig up everything that you planted but the easiest way to keep dogs out of your garden is to fence it off.  There are dog repellants but you will have to continuously apply them throughout the season.  Cats see your garden as one giant litter box…not cool.  Again fencing is your friend.


While deer are wonderful and you may love to see them when you’re driving through the country in the garden they are a nightmare.  Deer will eat anything and everything that you plant and where there is one there are bound to be more.  You can literally lose everything in the garden in a single night.  Fencing does work but it has to be at least 8 feet high or they will just jump over it.  You can get deer repellant but you will use it often.


Rabbits are another common pest that you can end up with, while cute and fluffy they can do some serious damage to your plants and vegetable.  Shooting them is one option and in rural areas that is what most farmers will do.  If you live in the suburbs shooting the may not be feasible.  You can opt for a more humane option and trap them and relocate them to somewhere a little more rural and away from your garden.


Raccoons are dealt with in much the same way as rabbits, you can try fencing them out but they are excellent climbers.  You can try shooting them but that won’t be possible in many places.  Again you’re left with the option of trapping and relocating them to another area.  Be very careful with racoons in many places they carry rabies and can be extremely dangerous.  If the raccoons in your garden display any of the signs of rabies then call animal control and don’t try and deal with it yourself.

Dealing with pests in the garden is definitely one of the less pleasant aspects of gardening but well worth it in the end.