Insects You Actually Want in Your Garden

Insects You Actually Want in Your Garden

Most gardeners shudder the moment you mention insects but not all insects are bad for your garden, in fact some of them can be quite useful.  After all where would we be without honeybees?  Bees aren’t the only useful insect there are others so let’s take a look at some of the good insects you actually want in your garden.

Lady Bugs

Not only are these insects not as creepy looking as most they are actually pretty handy to have around.  Beetles are fantastic for getting rid of plenty of the unwanted bugs you don’t want.  Aphids are a menace and can destroy your garden, fortunately they are the favorite delicacy of lady bugs.  Seeing Lady Bugs in your garden is a good thing and you should leave them to their work.

Praying Mantis

These guys are at the top of the food chain when it comes to the insects in your garden.  They are very good at camouflaging themselves so you may not even see them but they have no interest in your veggies or flowers but they will wreak havoc and on the bug population.  These are among the best insects to have taken up residence in your garden.


Springtails are really tiny and you will probably never even see them unless you start looking.  They look a bit like fleas but they are not, rather they are lighter in color usually white or grey.  You can find them in your pots or under mulch.  Now why do you want these critters in your garden, one word…mulch.  These guys eat dead leaves and help to speed up decomposition.

Encouraging Bugs to Live in Your Garden

If you want the good bugs to start living in your garden then you need to make them feel welcome.  The first thing that these bugs need is a food source, aside from other bugs they also need pollen, so you will need flowers that bloom throughout the season.  The best plant to do that for you is dill, if you leave dill to flower it can lure the right insects into your garden.

Organic Gardening

Many gardeners turn to pesticides when the find nuisance bugs in their gardens, but the problem with these is they will kill both the good bugs and the bad.  The good insects don’t come back and you still end up with aphids or worse when the pesticides are gone.  Not to mention the harm they can do to the environment.  Organic gardening doesn’t kill the good bugs.