It is Time for Fall Cleanup

It is Time for Fall Cleanup

Enjoy those warm fall days while you can winter is just around the corner and now it is time for fall cleanup.  Don’t be the gardener that just puts their gardening gloves and tools in the shed and ignores their garden until next spring.  There are fall gardening tasks that will make spring much easier and keep your garden in great shape over the winter.  Here are some tips for fall cleanup

Protect Your Flower Beds with Mulch

Taking care of your existing plants will make them healthier come the spring time.  Wait until the first freeze in the fall and then add mulch around your perennials, it will help keep them in the ground instead of having them heaved up with the winter frost.  Plain old garden compost will do the trick but you will want to test the pH of the soil first so you get the best mulch for your perennials.  You want to add nutrients to the soil over the winter and make sure it isn’t too alkaline or too acidic for your flowers.

Store Your Garden Tools Carefully

Proper winter storage of your tools will keep them lasting for years.  Let’s start with your garden hose, you want to make sure that you drain it completely and hang it neatly coiled to protect it from freezing and cracking your hose.  Don’t leave your house outside or it can end up freezing and you will have to buy a replacement in the spring.

Tools should have their own space in the shed, garage or basement.  Wherever you keep them for the winter, put them all together and cover them up.  If you have the space for some peg board and hooks then you can hang them out of the way so they are ready for next year.

Get a Cold Frame for Herbs

You can keep growing your herbs well into the fall with a cold frame.  If you don’t have a cold frame then covering them up at night when it is the coldest can help you get a longer harvest from your herbs.

The more work that you can get done in the fall the less you will have to do when spring rolls around again.  Keeping all of your gardening gear organized and properly stored means you won’t have any problem finding it in the spring when you are ready and eager to get your planting started.